mike dantoni future as a nba headh coach

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mike dantoni future as a nba headh coach

i understand he has good coaching record, always has one of the best ran offense teams, he made basketball fun to watch at times in phoenix . i think we all know dantoni is a good coach. and he can put together some decent defense schems on the floor. but lets talk about his problems that people are starting to notice . every since he step in new york his mission and dream is to build that team backup to what it use to be, trying to lure big name players in 2010. but he has some issues kind of. first of all im sure we all know about the marbury thing. but when he first got there he judge him right away and punish him without even playing the first game of the season. yeah i know marbury is a headcase but marbury was saying the right things and he wanted to help turn around the knicks but dantoni was going off with the past and not getting to know marbury like that. now its nate robinson. another head case who is young and immature. but i feel that just sitting him on the bench and not playing him for what 7 or 87 eight games is kinda of harsh. im sure nate gets its now that needs to step and mature and behave now . but i feel dantoni is trying to run the team like hes the master of a slaveship . and if you not what he wants you to be physically and mentally he wont play you like you . just make you suffer. he didnt even have the courage to tell marbury about benching and other stuff. the same can go with curry who i heard was to lose weight and get back in shape. i think dantoni is pushing himself out the door. no free agent name lebron, wade or bosh wants to deal with a coach who let his personal problems with others get in the way with the team chance to win. im sure phil didnt like dennis rodman, pippen most of the time, kobe , shaq but did that stop him for coaching them and helping him win. NO !
hell rick carliese had to deal with crazy ass artest everyday, but still try to make it work. the point is dantoni needs to stop playing games and try talking to his players, pull nate to the side and say nate need to change your act, curry you need to do this to play, try talking it out with the players.

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Dantoni will alwasy coach a

Dantoni will alwasy coach a bad team and make them play well because playing up tempo does win regular season games but it doesn't work in the playoffs.

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Interesting... Doesnt really


Doesnt really make sense though, you say Phil probably didnt like Dennis, Pippen, Kobe, Shaq, but they contributed to wins, in this situation, the Knicks have been doing ALOT better without Nate Robinson. The Knicks are 0-9 when Nate Robinson gets more than 20 minutes. Need I say more?

As for Eddy Curry hes a sad excuse for a professional athlete, hes injured every other day, and he can't play for more than 15 minutes a night...

I mean....You saw those videos Marbury made during the summer...? 'Nuff said

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You can blame someone for being lazy not for being injured. Or you going to blame Blake Griffin cause he is an inexcusable professional athlete for his knee injury?

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Injured or healthy, Curry is

Injured or healthy, Curry is a still a bum, no reason to argue it.

All this crap is just speculation. No one knows what goes on the locker room and what's said between coaches and players. I don't know why people waste their time on these kinds posts.

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I like D'Antoni and I dont

I like D'Antoni and I dont disagree with benching Nate, He isnt a part of the Knicks future so he doesnt need to get minutes.

However I think that D'Antoni made a huge mistake with Marbury. Marbury was a top NBA PG talent. I will argue that fact all day. If the Knicks had Marbury right now they would make the playoffs guaranteed. He was the go-to guy that we need even though dumbass Isiah tried to give Crawford all of the final shots. Its Marbury's revenge that we need a player exactly like him now. We need a true starting PG that can score as well as assist at a high level.

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