Kansas or Texas

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Kansas or Texas

whos better? my preseason rankings had Texas of Kansas and i still stand by that Texas has won every game by double digets and beaten 2 top 10 teams. Their arguably the best defensive team in the country, great rebounding teaM, AND THEY HAVE SO MANY PLAYERS WHO CAN SCORE. Kansas is close and i think they might be better but they havent played anyone yet and had that close game against Memphis. Still think its close but it reminds me of Florida-Alabama in colleg football two great teams who get alot of wins but Texas(Alabama) proves themselves as the better team what do you think?

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I like Kansas as the better

I like Kansas as the better starting 5, but Texas the better team pound for pound. I think Texas is the best TEAM in the nation in terms of their depth and talent, even though I think Kansas would beat them head-to-head because of their starters, and they have a top bench as well, with the twins and those guys.

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i think kansas is better but

i think kansas is better but if they play texas will win, Aldrich has shown he doesn't play well against someone his height (5 points when he played Kieth Bensen of Oakland) Avery Bradley will match up well with Sherron Collins, Damion James will own Xavier Henry. Texas also has a rediculous bench where as kansas doesn't have a solid starting five.

If Texas beats Kansas then Kentucky will win the championship. If kansas gets past Texas then they have already won.

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I think if Henry scores more than 20, then Kansas will win. I agree that Texas definately has more talent but Kansas has more role players and they seem to play better together. And btw there is no way they will put Henry on James. Morris will probably guard James. Both of these teams need to watch out for Kentucky though!

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