chris bosh

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chris bosh

underrated or overrated

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I think he's underrated. I'm

I think he's underrated. I'm not saying he's a superstar, etc, but he doesn't get as much respect as he should be getting.

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best pf/c in the league...

best pf/c in the league... but still underrated

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Underrated the stats he put

Underrated the stats he put year in and year are good he put up superstats and he averages more points thna dwight but he dont get enough credit how many commericals dwight got alot and bosh has none

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underrated but if he leaves

underrated but if he leaves for a bigger market he will get vastly overrated. either way he is the best PF in the nba

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It was funny because i was

It was funny because i was watching the lakers vs kings and they were wondering who is the best forward after dwight and they were like gasol for sure no one can come close to this guy, but i do think bosh can do everything gasol can do but is a 2 inches shoter but is more athletic.

Bosh does not get credit at all. I think its mainly cause of location.

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Hugely underrated

He is just as good as Dwight. He would probably be better for half the teams in the league, and Dwight for the other half. He doesn't fit well on the Raptors. He needs to play next to a physical, low post Center, not Bargani, a jump shooting pf who doesn't defend or rebound. He is forgotten by the national media because he plays for Toronto. He is the best power forward in the league, except maybe Garnett. He is one of the most versatile scorers in the league.

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Overrated.. NO WAY is Chris

Overrated.. NO WAY is Chris Bosh the best Power Foward in the league... He is a nice player and a top 5 power foward but its diffrent putting up stats for a WEAK team... If he was the best PF in the league Toronto would atleast be a .500 team... He is a good scorer and a improved rebounder but when you are supposed to be the best you have to have the ability ala D Wade to make a bad team decent (and he cant do that)... Personally I think he is soft, his defensive is average at best and he is missing that "it" factor that the best players in the league posses... NO he isnt as good as DHoward...

Power Fowards better than Bosh (no particular order)
1. Garnett
2. Gasol
3. Nowitzki.

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LOL no way the dude is

LOL no way the dude is overrated. Best PF in the game...

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