The Decade

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The Decade

What in basketball stands out the most from the last ten years? For me it is

1. George Mason makes it to the final four
2. The Malice at the Palace
3.The One and Done rule
4. The talent of the 2003 draft
5. Jordan playing for my hometown Wizards(got to go see his last career game!)
6. Serious emergance of Foreign-Born NBA players and stars such as Dirk Nowitzki

What do you remember most?

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1. Kobe has been huge this

1. Kobe has been huge this decade
2. The Malice at the Palace has to be on this list
3. The 2003 draft, probably the best ever
4. The Pistons beating the stacked Lakers
5. The jailblazers ending and a new and improved time in for the blazers has emerged.

this is only nba stuff

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