Hold On Mr. Presti... Is Geoff Petrie The NBA's Best Drafter?

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Hold On Mr. Presti... Is Geoff Petrie The NBA's Best Drafter?

I think Sam Presti may be the best drafting GM of the last decade, but I'm biased. When I compare the resumes of the NBA's GMs, there are a few that stand out: San Antonio, Sacramento and Houston. Morey has drafted Landry and Brooks in the freakin second round, Yao and Scola (via San Antonio I think). Budinger looks like he might stick in the league too. San Antonio has landed Parker and Ginobili in the 20s of their respective classes, and Hill and Blair look like contributors for the team's future. Then we get to Sac-town. Rookie of the Year Tyreke Evans (yes I'm calling it lol) and Omri Casspi putting up great numbers. Jason Thompson straight beasting. Kevin Martin (picked in the 20s) is one of the NBA's elite scorers. Spencer Hawes is legit at the 5. Petrie really impresses me, because none of the draftees on his team were a top 3 pick, which obviously improves your chance of success. What do yall think?

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Im going to dsagree with you

because of the point you made, Presti has been doing this in San Antonio,too and now in OKC

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because its too tough to

because its too tough to tell how good the players in sacramento could be u cant say ones better than the other.... altough i HATED it when sactown traded brad miller in that deal.... he would have made spencer hawes WAY WAY better... brad miller is a great player

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get it right

actually aaron brooks was a late 1st round pick and ginobli was picked in the 2nd round

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yeah presti has gotten some

yeah presti has gotten some steals for whatever team he is on at the time. also manu was selected like 58 overall, not in the 20's

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