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Brandon Bass

During the offseason, there was a rumour going around that a team offered him a 5 year 25 million dollar deal. Instead, he took 4 years and 18 mill from the Magic. At first I was like maybe him not taking the money would've been a good move for him because he would most likely start in Orlando but it looks like, he should've taken the money from the team that offered him 5 years and 25 mill. He's barely touching the floor with the Magic. Which team offered him the 5 years and 25 mill?

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Why did they even sign him

Why did they even sign him for such money?
They can trade him for a good PG now, they still don't use him

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well he would have been

well he would have been great for orlando if ryan anderson wasn't playing so good bass would get a lot of floor time. bass is good, he has almost the same game as paul millsap, both are undersized power forwards that fell in the draft because they were terrible small forwards

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Orland wants a PF who can play on the outside. They use Rashard Lewis as the PF because he can play on the outside. Bass and Howard would crowd the middle if both played. He is undersized and Orlando might be stuck eating his contract unless they can find a team. Orlando are doing fine without him

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