demar derozan

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demar derozan

y isnt he getting the ball on offence and most of the time he plays the whole first half and then they just dont put him bak on

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the reason for this is because everyime he's touched the ball on offense this year he's been digustingly ineffective

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his best scenario is in a

his best scenario is in a fast break situation where he can use his athleticism, toronto is trying to mold him into a good defender like LA did with ariza. He doesn't get the ball because he has no one on one moves and isn't a good shooter

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First of all let me say that

First of all let me say that Derozan has a great midrange jumper and slashes to the net for the most part, but sometimes he likes to settle for those jumpers, and isn't as great defender as they want him 2 be.

I am suprised of how they give him "Scrub starter" minutes as they play him 2 start the game for 5 mins then 5 mins after half time. right now the raptors do have a few players that are performing so he just has 2 elevate his game and become a better defender.

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