City Of Dreams

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City Of Dreams

Some City might already have this nickname, but the toronto raptors might be the best place for a struggling/up and coming player to showcase their skills......through the years players were given chances in toronto and with the coaching staff giving everyone playing time. through the years here are some players that have been given a chance and proved 2 be something.

Matt Bonner
Anthony Parker
Jamario Moon
Mike James
morris Peterson
sonny Weems -Currently
Amir Johnson - Currently
pops mensa bonsu
Jason Kapono
Donyell Marshall
Rafear Alston

The list goes on........

Is their another team in the league that has produced so much quality players, but most of dem aren't the same after they left toronto.

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Tracy McGrady.... after he

Tracy McGrady.... after he left Toronto..... 32ppg in Orlando?

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golden state makes a lot of

golden state makes a lot of guards put up stats but they usually stink after leaving GS. also GS will give anyone a chance, they have brought up more d-league guys then anyone by far. they let richard hendrix show he is good, they picked up anthony morrow, kelena azuibuke, and some others i can't think of.

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