SHAQ should HANG IT UP after THIS SEASON if Cavs wins RING

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SHAQ should HANG IT UP after THIS SEASON if Cavs wins RING

Shaq entered the nba at a time when the league had some of the best big men to ever play the game..Guys like Hall of Famers Olajuwon,Ewing,Robinson and allstars like Brad Daugherty..Years from now he'll be talked about more often than any of them..After being in the league only 4 years dude was name 1 of the top 50 players OF ALL TIME...His combination of size & speed had never been seen before..Coaches had to try scramble to find a defense to stop him...I dont know rather it speaks for his greatness or the lack of true big man in the game today...That a 37 year-old is still among the 5 best centers in the league...He's already the most unstoppable & most unguardable player to ever enter the league...I personally think he should've won at least 2 or 3 more MVP AWARDS...As everyone can see he's not the force that he once was..I'm hoping Cleveland wins the title this year so Shaq can retire in style..Why do all the great 1's never know when to hang it up? He becomes a free agent after this season..Will teams sign him to draw fans or because they think he can help them? I cant see anyone willing to pay him anywhere close to the 20 million he's getting now.....

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he said before this season

he said before this season he wanted an extension with cleveland but they didn't give it to him. if lebron stays with cleveland i expect them to resign shaq as well, if lebron leaves i don't know where he might end up

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cleveland wont resign shaq

cleveland wont resign shaq unless they wint he title. they got shaq to bang with howard and that 2omillion that will be coming off the books. with that money they can resign lebron and get another star, maybe bosh. now shaq wont get that 20million if thats what hes asking for but im willing to bet a title team will be willing to give him some money to help them get over the hump

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