This Blazer team is for real!

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This Blazer team is for real!

Haha...I can't believe I'm saying this, but I really like this Portland team. I know half the team is injured, but their playing better now than when they were healthy. It's no coincidence either. Earlier in the season
McMillian was having a tough time with the substitutions because of how deep the team was. Now it's much easier and it makes it so other players can get in a groove (Bayless, Webster).

I don't care what the stats say, but Juwan Howard is an absolute stud...He can still play in this league and he brings amazing leadership to the team. Brandon Roy should be in the running for the MVP and Lamarcus is rebounding the ball much better.

Blazers have won 3 of their last 4 against quality opponents (almost beat the Magic) and I really think this team is for real. Not saying their title contenders, but they can get past the first round in the playoffs.


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Juwan Howard is a beast.

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I haven't really had a team

I haven't really had a team to back this season but i find myself rooting for the Blazers more and more. My favorite game so far this season was when Bayless lit up the Spurs for 31points and 7 assists.

(was a Pacers fan still pissed they traded him)

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yeah they are pretty

yeah they are pretty good..they could possibly get that 5th 6th seed

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i haven't watched them much

i haven't watched them much this year but they keep winning even with half there team injured. also bayless is a monster

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