Whats going on with my magic

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Whats going on with my magic

I dont care if were 22-8. and i dont care if j williams was doing well for us when jameer was out. nelson is still our heart and soul of this team. the magic defense has been terrible this year. matt barnes was sign to bring some toughness and d. but he cant even do that. hes trying to jack up 3s when we already have other guys for that. vince carter is shooting too many 3s as well and not taking it to the hole.dwight hasnt improve his offense. damn stan van gundy is being too nice now all because the players couldnt handle his yelling and shit. news flash stan needs to yell. everyone on this team needs to be yell at. i know this a team full of new players. but guys dont know thier role. last year we did. this year everyone wants to shoot. but not everyone can get all the shots in. i think the main scorers should be our go to guy should be vince thats what we traded for him for. our clutch shooter sweet lou. our captain , floor leader jameer, dwight just block some shots and grab some boards, and stop whiny . when you get the bal you do dumb stuff like a running hook shot, not finishing the and 1 play, no post moves yet. just dunks . also stan needs to play bass more . we need his toughness against teams like lakers , celtics. ryan anderson is good. but we dont need to play him more than bass. hes just a white verison of shard. also reddick i understand you improve on your d. but we need air france or barnes guarding the hot hands like kobe,
i think the magic need to go ahead and trade gortat.

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I know

Your Magic are 3 happy, they take too many 3pt shot attempts and are't fighting for rebounds. They assume they will make it and when they brick, the only one down there for the rebound is Dwight, while everybody on the other team is down there, too. As soon as they get down in a game, even by one pt., they start shooting 3s and it seems like they continue to shoot 3s until they make one of them, instead of getting Dwight the ball down in the post. So when they are down by 2, they shoot a 3, miss, and the other team get an easy 2, now the Magic are down by 4. Then they shoot another 3, miss, and the other team gets anther easy 2 and now the Magic are down by 6, and so on. Dwight is not geing enough touches.

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you guys signed brandon bass

you guys signed brandon bass and he's not even playing.

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never liked carters game

too many three point shots. they will not beat this celtic team shooting all those threes. the celtics get out on shooters and perkins shuts howard down

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Most of these things I knew would be issues, especially the ones with Vince. He plays absolutely no d and the guy has been staying hanging out more towards the 3 point line as he has gotten older. He never drives in. Don't get me wrong, he is a good shooter from there, but it makes him predictable and does not put much pressure on the defense. Defenders love guys that don't move around. It's obvious that Gortat is unhappy. The guy wants a chance to prove himself and be out on his own, but he has a guy in front of him that he will NEVER have the chance to start in front of and 8 mins a game isn't much for a guy that was getting ready to sign with a team that was probably going to give him 25-30 mins a game. The whole Bass thing amazes me. There is no way he doesn't get more time. I also think that Ryan Anderson should be playing more with Lewis having to play some at the 3. Anderson played great early in the season when he got time and Bass is going to give them another physical presence besides Dwight up front.

With that said, the team only has 8 losses. If the complaints are based on yesterday's game with the Celtics then expect more of the same. Orlando has no way of beating a healthy Celtics team because they play fundamental D and they have probably the 3 guys that play not only the best D on Howard, but usually do a good job of keeping him from getting put backs and offensive boards unlike most teams. They won without Pierce and still no Big Baby. Things are only going to get tougher.

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The Magic will be fine, they

The Magic will be fine, they have tons of talent. Orlando just better hope they don't run into Boston in the playoffs.  Here is whY:

Kenrick Perkins owns Dwight Howard.   

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He is the only player on the team who really wants to play physical. He just got 5 points and 20 boards. He is the only player on the team who gets to the free throw line a lot. If he had better touch on his shots around the hoop he'd be dominant. Celtics match up with the Magic well because of Perkins, I agree with gatorheels.
Shooting threes is the Magic's specialty, though. They can win any game at any time if their shooters are hot. They just need a physical pf to play with Howard. Bass should play more for them. They already have players who play like Anderson.

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