St. Johns RedStorm and DJ Kennedy

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St. Johns RedStorm and DJ Kennedy

Red Storm look like they are changing that program around. Norm Roberts is doing a great job. They already have some top 25 votes, but tough loss to Cornell. Mason Jr. come back in time for Big East play. I see an invite to the tourny on the horizon...

D.J Kennedy is only 20 years old and looks like hes got NBA talent.
The kid can board, drive, and shoot the trey. Hes averaging 16.7 ppg.

Any opinions? I'd like to see him in the NBA

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I haven't watched them this

I haven't watched them this year...but I've met their PG Malik Boothe before at a camp I attended, and they send me stuff all the time for college...But to answer your question, I don't know about him, but I liked Anthony Mason Jr. 2 years ago and thought he'd be a 1st round level prospect. They have some talent, but from what it seems they lack Big East level depth...

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St. Johns

The Big East is such a tough conference keep in mind, that if St. Johns has a 500 conference record and wins 2 games in the Big East tournament they have a shot at an at-large. I see them as a top NIT team rather than a tournament team. DJ Kennedy I see as a pro prospect at 6-6 215 pounds, if he works more on his shut down D he will have a spot on any NBA team. Defense is what is going to get him to the NBA b/c offense is a dime a dozen in most players.

I bet the Spurs would end up taking him and he'll be a star, they always have there way with getting above average to very good college players.

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