worst starting lineup

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worst starting lineup

worst starting lineup as of right now has to go to not sure what john kuester is thinking, i mean im WELL AWARE that they're without prince, gordon, and hamilton but you'd think hed try and get some offense in his lineup

the last few games their starting lineup has been this:

PG-Rodney Stuckey-the only productive offensive player in the lineup
SG-Chucky Atkins-if he were on any other team, hed be the 12th man
SF-Jonas Jerebko-like his game but he's not ready yet
PF-Jason Maxiell-best coming off the bench to give you 7 and 6 a game
C-Ben Wallace-we all know his game is defense

while offensive sparkplugs charlie villanueva and will bynum are coming off the bench, the just dropped 64 points on denver the other night.

How long til kuester gets fired?

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Yeah... This is a really really bad lineup. I can somewhat understand Bynum not starting because he is very undersized and would be somewhat of a defensive liability, but Villanueva, too? I would even start Kwame at center and Villanueva at power forward instead starting two undersized bigs in Wallace and Maxiell. I might even let Dajaun Summers and Austin Daye get some serious minutes. But Detroit will not be able to do flat out anything with this roster. They can be a potent team at full strength, though.

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64 Points..

Sorry to break it to you bud their 64 point outing was against the Raptors. 94 to 64.

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toronto or denver

I mean does it really matter to score only 64 points on either Toronto or Denver. Both teams are horrible defensively, and to only muster 64 points on them is just sorry.

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i don't understand why their

i don't understand why their offence is so bad, kuester ran a great offence for the cavs last year.

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it isnt keuster's fault if

it isnt keuster's fault if he has bad players

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