if the 76ers land the second pick in the draft.

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if the 76ers land the second pick in the draft.

who should they target.

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I think they could do 1 of 2 things.

1. Draft Wesley Johnson and move Iggy to the 3.


2. If a big man is what they desire (say Greg Monroe) trade down with a team picking a few slots lower for a couple draft picks.

This year's draft is loaded with big men. The 76ers have nice young forwards, young guards that need to develop, but Dalembert has turned into a solid backup rather than a starter I feel. This is the year for team's to get a Center.

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trade for SF josh smith and

trade for SF josh smith and then swoop me up in the second round

Okeke, Iguodala, Smith that's a lot of mismatches on the break

76ers just need a taller guard to hole up their defense a little

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depends on what they do with

depends on what they do with Brand...if they get rid of him, Derrick Favors
If they so happen to keep him, you gotta target Johnson or Turner

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Ooooooooohhhhhhhhh a self

Ooooooooohhhhhhhhh a self promoter^^^^^

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hmmmmmm good question...big

hmmmmmm good question...big mistake if they draft favors for short term gain..... to behonest they arent close enough to be a title contender so id get some feelers for what they can get for iggy or young( not saying they should trade them but they wont be beating anyone in the playoffs with them 2 and the rest of the team). id say depending on what there goals are...are they willing to wait 3 or more years to make noise or they wanna be a force within 2 years?

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They seem to hate Dalembert,

They seem to hate Dalembert, love Speights, and are stuck with Brand.
Basically that doesn't give them a real C for the long I can't see them passing on Aldrich, possibly not at the 2...Trading down and improving their backcourt bench might be the best move, but Philly hasn't always haven't shown the ability to make the best moves these last couple years.

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I say take Evan Turner. We

I say take Evan Turner. We have to move Brand before the deadline or before the draft, and go after Bosh or Stoudemire in free agency...

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well youre not gonna move

well youre not gonna move brand so thinking about that one is just a waste of time. he actually wouldnt be a bad fit for this team if he wasnt making so much money. and since getting rid of him isnt gonna happen the team just has to do what they have been doing and just deal with it. that team needs a star, a batman because as much as i like andre he is a robin. a pretty good robin but still a robin. i think bosh is a robin also. a better robin but still a robin. and you can win and win big wit robins but you need more then just 2. and they have to be willing to play defense. now as far as the draft pick i think they just need to get the best player available and not worry about this or that position unless they are gonna trade someone because they are set on starting lou,andre,thad,and speights or brand. basically anyone that isnt a big man is just gonna come off the bench with limited minutes and when youre picking in the lotto as high as they might pick you dont want that. its getting close to that point where u gotta decide if andre can lead you to where u wanna go and or if thad can help

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