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New Stock Watch

What do you guys think of the new 'Rising' players in the new Stock Watch?
Avery Bradley ('s comparison Monta Ellis) 11.6pts 1.5reb 2.4 ast
Ed Davis (Chris Bosh) 15pts 9.5reb 2.8blks
Manny Harris (less athletic Jamal Crawford) 20.1pts 7.5reb 5.1ast
Dexter Pittman (Stanley Roberts) 13.6pts 6.5reb
Damion James (Mickael Pietrus) 17pts 10.8reb

Regarding these comparisons, I think some are a little off. I like Damion James as Pietrus because he will probably become a good role/energy player in the league; while putting up decent rebs and pts. Dexter Pittman, although, has another good comparison in Stanley Roberts. Pittman has a potentially good nba body, but I dont think he will ever average more than 12pts and 7 rebs during his NBA career. Now to Manny Harris, who I think could be a steal in the late first round. He does everything well except shoot the 3ball and I think he is more athletic than people give him credit. I think Jamal Crawford is a bad comparison though, as its doubtful Manny will score as well as Jamal has been able to. But Manny has the potential to be a good 4-5reb/ast guy and a great team player. Ed Davis has the potential to do great things in the league, and while his numbers are similar to Bosh's only year at GT. It remains to be seen whether Ed will take that next step to put himself in the top 3-4. Avery Bradley doesnt nearly have the complete offensive arsenal Monta Ellis had in high school, while very good, Avery's offensive game is not nearly as pure as Montas. Both are tweeners though, and Avery has better athleticism, the potential is definitely there
What do you guys think?

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