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bored so i thought id bring up a playground legend from where i grew up. i played with this kid in aau through out my highschool career. the first time i met him was in 8th grade. i got selected for the top 8th grade aau team in the d.c maryland area at the time and i knew everyone on the team and they knew me from tournaments where each of us dominated. no one knew who shiek was or had ever played against him so we figured he was the coaches son and wasnt that good. we were wrong. the first scrimmage we played he did a move thats common now but back then i had never seen. he went to the whole and faked a behind the back pass(like rondo does alot) then layed it up. that is a very hard more for a 8th grader because youre hands aren't but so big. after that play he continued to dominate( including me) everyone. hrough the years he continued to wreak havoc ont he maryland/dc area. he started out playing on the jv team at cardoza hs but was soon moved up to varsity because of him killing the jv teams ( averaged 24,12 reb 11 ast)...when he got moved up during the playoffs he didnt dominate but he played very well and had a triple double. the next couple of years he started to dominate the area and during one summer while we were in vegas dominating everyone (dc assult) he made a name for his self and was ranked top 50 in the nation) during the summer of his jr year he played in the urban coalition( at the time the best summer tournament in the world, better then the rucker mostly because it was real rules) all the top area nba/college/hs/streetball players played including penny hardaway,baron davis, etc. shiek did work during the whole summer. his big moment was when he came down the lane on a play and dunked hard on chris webber( back when webber was one of the best players in the nba) AND1. shiek had/has one of the deadliest crossovers in the world and you ask any nba player or streetball player who has played against him and they will agree. he was also a very good CB in football and was recruited by all the bigeast and sec teams. the problem of course ended up being grades with him and he never went to college. he played in the semi pros and got tryouts for a couple of nba teams but never made it. if he had his grades together im certain he would have went to college and learned alot more things that would have helped his game and gotten him to the pros. his game was alot like steve francis. except he is left handed and has more bounce. one weakness hes always had though was his jumper. it was pretty bad.

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