Stackhouse: D'Antoni Is A Control Freak, Isn't Being Fair To Nate

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Stackhouse: D'Antoni Is A Control Freak, Isn't Being Fair To Nate

Stackhouse: D'Antoni Is A Control Freak, Isn't Being Fair To Nate
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Dec 23, 2009 7:48 AM EST
Jerry Stackhouse was very critical of Knicks coach Mike D'Antoni recently.

Stackhouse, who tried out for the Knicks this past summer but didn't receive a contract off, blasted D'Antoni for being stubborn and his treatment of guard Nate Robinson.

"I know Nate has to be obviously frustrated," Stackhouse said on his regular spot on Sirius Radio with Chris Russo. "To be an NBA coach, you're a control freak. You really are a control freak just because you think about all the things coaches have to manage – from the players, to practice, to the media..."

"And with any type of personality, you have your extremists. And I think D'Antoni is just an extremist. He's just a guy who's so stubborn, such a control freak and wants to make an example of this kid (Robinson). It's not fair to him."

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gotta be in control. all

gotta be in control. all coaches have to be in control. they cant let players whine whine and whine. nate wasnt playing team basketball and dantoni benched him. its as simple as that imo

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Offline what the hell what the hell does stackhouse know?..even if he knows the coach he doesnt know whats going on in that situation because hes not there. he just wants to be relavent

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Jerry Stackhouse

The later part of his career has been troubled with coaches. It wasn't too long him and Byron Scott got into an argument over championships, which Stackhouse has zero while Scott has I believe 3.

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