WVU vs Ole Miss

WVU beat Ole Miss by 10 today. It was sort of a strange game for WVU because they started a 5 forward team. They had Buter at the Point, Ebanks at the 2, Jones at the 3, Flowers at the 4, and Smith at the 5. What did you think of the game?? White only had 9 points in the game. Ebanks had a double double but had 7 turnovers. Smith was the star of the game with 19 points, 6 rebounds, and 2 blocks.

What did yall think of the game?

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I Think WVU, if they wanna

I Think WVU, if they wanna be a better team, need to limit their turnovers..
had too much turnovers tonight..
good game for ebanks though,
14 and 13

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The reason for all the TO is

The reason for all the TO is because they started 5 forwards.... In the first 5 minutes, they had 7 TOs. When they put their PG in, it settled them down.

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