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I am actually really impressed with my home team so far. Their record is not very good, but they have been competing with teams and have had many of their top players out this season. Rip, Tay, Villinueava, Gordon, and i think a few more have all suffered from injuries. The four i listed are four of their top six or so players. But, on the bright side, Suckey has been performing very well as of late, same with CharlieV, and Bynum has been doing really good. I'm happy that the average fan is starting to hear about bynum, what he does is special. He'll probably never be a starter, but his punch off the bench is sweet. And let's not forget Jerebko. So what I'm getting at is, what do you think of them so far? With a good draft pick, maybe a trade involving rip, and a healthy team, they could be contending in a few years.

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OMG they were stopped completely by the Raptors' "legendary" defense. I think any time the worst defensive team in the league limits you to such a poor offensive night, you've got some holes in your roster

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Yeah with no real starters

Yeah with no real starters playing that will happen.

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