Welcome Back Yi!

Much love for Yi, I guess it rubs off on you to root for fellow Chinese men when you're a Rockets fan. :)
I believe this was his first game back, but not completely sure. Anyways, dude was impressive against the T-Wolves. Yes I know it's the Wolves, but they do have some pretty good PF's like Love & Jefferson. Yi went off tonight for 22 Points and 8 boards (7 Def. 1 Off.). His team did lose though by 4. Anyways he was 7-12 from the Field, 4-6 from Deep, and 4-4 from the line in 30 minutes. Nice to see someone doing good with the Nets besides Harris, Lopez, or CDR. I really like Yi's game and think he is an above average starter when given the time and healthy. Let's see if he can keep it going, I know it's only one game.

BTW, Kevin Love is a rebounding Beast! 16 tonight, man...I'm glad he's on my fantasy 'cause I really needed rebounding. That is all.

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Yi should always do well

Yi should always do well against slow PFs like Jefferson and Love who have difficulties coming out of the paint to guard perimeter oriented bigs like Yi, Mehmet Okur also tends to kill this team, not so much this year, but definitely in years past.

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yi sucks

yi sucks

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