Favorite Mid-Major player

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Favorite Mid-Major player

As a college student who goes to a school in a Mid-Major Conference (Hofstra, CAA) I would like to know everyone's favorite mid-major player(s) that they could see making it to the pros or playing well at the next level. For me (being biased) is Hofstra's Junior Guard Charles Jenkins. He is 6-3 220 and can do a little bit of everything. Has a lot of heart and practices very hard. Ready to hear everyone's favorite mid-major players.


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Kenneth Faried

This kid out of morehead state is a rebounding machine in the last two year dude is in the top two in the country in rebounding....
6'9 or 6'10 forward/center with crazy hops and a nose for the ball....
ohio valley conference preseason player of the year...some sites have him going late second but this site rarely if at all shows him some love....

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Out of Nevada Armon Johnson.

Out of Nevada Armon Johnson.

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Charles Garcia Seattle U


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ben uzoh from tulsa, 6'3

ben uzoh from tulsa, 6'3 combo guard. he may not be nba talent but i have seen him play since hs and have loved how his career has blossomed into a very good career at this school and hope he and jerome jordan can lead this team to the tourney and get a win too.

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carlon brown

from utah each game this dude dunks over some one. he can really throw it down. His jump shot is terrible though, he is the utes leading scorer with crazy hops but needs to work on his jump shot.

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no shot at the NBA, but it's

no shot at the NBA, but it's impossible NOT to love James "Big Lumber" Eayrs from Milwaukee...came in last year listed at 340 (that was an understatement) and finished the season shooting 33% from 3 (as a pretty high volume shooter from behind the arc)

as far as guys with NBA potential, i love gordon hayward of butler...but there's a whole thread on him, so i'll go with osiris eldridge from Illinois State...i love the undersized guys with a chip on their shoulders, and when he's on his game he can absolutely take games over...

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