Freaking Von Wafer!!!!

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Freaking Von Wafer!!!!

Ugh, okay. So he isn't resigning with the Rockets...He failed his phyiscal so the Rockets went ahead & signed Mike Harris, an undersized big. Fits perfect with our team right? Well...He played with us before. I'm not saying I don't like the dude, but I like Wafer more. They said they'll look back at Wafer though, but right now he's open for anyone to take. Hopefully it happens soon though. Pretty stupid though...This is the reason the Grizz didn't sign him, he had hip & back problems that were a concern. Hopefully he gets that taken care of & we'll go for him again. Like I said before, a Real Fan Favorite and Good Player

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Dang, didnt Rockets try to

Dang, didnt Rockets try to sign Mccants, but he failed his physical with an injury?
and now Von Wafer? sheesh

Sucks for you guys, but for whatever its worth, Mike Harris was tearing up the d-league

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I know a lot of people on

I know a lot of people on this site are high on Von Wafer and he had a solid season for Houston last year, but I just don't see the hype. Julius Hodge used to torch Wafer when he was at Florida State, but to me he is just another Eddie House or Janerrio Pargo

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