Will people still want Jordans 20 years from now?

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Will people still want Jordans 20 years from now?

After purchasing the Space Jam Jordans today (the best J's imo) i was long will the Air Jordans popularity reign? Certain fads and fashions go away quickly but Jordans have been a popular shoe to wear for damn near 25 years! Do you think 20 years from now your kids will be wanting the new Lebrons or will they be craving for some retro J's? Im 21 and my pops is 45 and i remember him telling me how he even had the original Jordan 3's and 4's

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This is more of a financial

This is more of a financial question than anything. If he keeps doing well, I dont see how he wont, then the JumpMan brand will still exist. Especially with guys like CP3, Melo, and DWade making shoes through his brand. Also, as long as MJ is alive, they will sell his shoes in big numbers. Maybe after he passes and Jeffery and Marcus have to run the business, it might go away but for now, the next 15-20 years look okay for Jordan.

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Forever and Ever will be how long people will want Jordans. As long as Jordan keeps re-retroing everything and making new shoes, Jordans will remain supreme forever.

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As long as there is still basketball, there will be Jays. They should just change the NBA logo to Jordan's. There is only one name when we speak of basketball, that come to mind Jordan!

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As long as basketball is

As long as basketball is relevent, Jordans will be relevent.

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