Damion James

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Damion James

Everyone knows James' strength's and weakness, he is a late first rounder/early second rounder because he is a tweener, nothing new there, but do you think his excellent play against UNC and Michigan State will help his stock at all? 25 and 15 with 4 steals and 23 and 13 with a steal in consecutive games against two top 11 opponents. That is very impressive, and the guy can flat out run the floor is is a competitor, and put up huge numbers against top notch collegiate opponents. I persnally have him in the 20-25 range because I think he is very NBA ready and is a rich man's Renaldo Balkman. He could be the same kind of energy forward except James can actually shoot and handle the ball.

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I like him to a Gerald

I like him to a Gerald Wallace type...he's definitely rising up the drat boards...He's impressed me more and more as I've watched him this year. He's a better perimeter player than he was before, and he's maintained his rebounding and defensive skills. I like him in the 20's or late teens in this draft if he keeps it up. He's always had the physical tools, but he wasn't a polished perimeter player for his size. Now he is, so he should rise up draft boards..

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ya i don't see why he

ya i don't see why he couldn't be a top 20 pick. I don't think he is any worse than Josh howard or gerald Wallace when they got drafted. His potential is just based on how hard he works. A jumpshot and a handle can be improved with alot of practice and in the NBA he will get paid to practice both. I can see him putting up number like a josh howard, gerald wallace, and shawn marion with some hard work. Numbers like this for example- 15-17ppg, 6-7rpg, with a steal and a block. And to be honest in other drafts(this one is deep with guys with "potential") he would be a 17-22 pick. But a team like the Spurs will pick him up and in 3 years he will be a star or atleast a key piece to a good team. I think he will end up being a steal.

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ive known this for a long time that this kid would be special, he has incredible athleticism, is a solid NBA small forward at 6'7'' 227, his skills are ridiculous, to me he can produce like danny granger...if he develops a jumper he could be a 20 ppg type guy but like a lot of u said earlier, 15 pts/6 rebs would be about fitting for someone like DJ

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