Lets revisit

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Lets revisit

A while ago, i posted that Daryl Morey aka Nerd Elvis was the best GM in the league. Here we stand just past the third more mark in the season and those plucky Rockets are 17-11. TMac has played less than 40 mins this season, yet this team of bargain bin players have beat LA in staples and Dallas at AA. Any converts?????

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I called it. You can all suck it.

(I also said the Sonny Weems would finish fourth in MIP voting, but hey, you can't win 'em all.)

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I think a lot more of that

I think a lot more of that has to do with Rick Adleman's coaching than Daryl Morey, athough he should get some credit.

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adelman has not had a losing

adelman has not had a losing record since 96-97...... he gets his players to play for him thats a fact.

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