If Bulls got number 1...

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If Bulls got number 1...

Denver: Deng, Thomas, and pick (They get operative players back, adding a high prospect, why not?).

Chicago: Anthony (D.Rose relishes alongside a big-time scorer. He showed it in high school events - I know it's McDonald's game or U.S. vs World but he looks ideal next to a proven scorer).


Clippers: Deng, and pick (John Wall helps the unpredictable B.Davis and Griffin would love a pure talent like himself. Coach Mike would do it.)

Chicago: Gordon, Camby, and their pick (D.Rose reunites with his AAU buddy).


Indiana: Deng, A. Miller, and Bulls pick (Larry Legend wouldn't pass up a opportunity on John Wall).

Portland: Ford, Salmons, and Indiana pick (Are they tired of Oden yet? They do get their best Point Guard in sometime).

Chicago: Granger, Oden, and A.J. Price (Oden and Noah would be too much activity inside for most teams. Prior to this season, Noah added a jump-shot, strength and he understands his niche - another 20 rebound game tonight against Knicks. Granger is the perfect Small Forward to put alongside Rose. Rose game is drive-and-kick - I expect Granger to take advantage of that with his jumper from deep).

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Even if the Bulls trade their pick

There is no way that Denver, the Clippers, Indiana, or Portland(or any team for that matter) would give up their franchise player for a pick that might turn out to be a bad NBA player.

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what makes you so sure that

what makes you so sure that rose is better than wall?

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YOU'RE CONFUSING ME..Whut r you talkin bout willis?

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Nuggets will never trade

Nuggets will never trade Anthony. . .

The Clippers will not give up Gordon for another PG. . .

The last trade is just too extravagant. . .

If the Bulls happen to get the number 1, which is highly doubtful, they should go to the number 3 or number 4 team, which ever one isnt the Wolves, Nets, Kings, or Warriors, and see if there is a good enough trade there. If not, just get Wall. I mean what is it going to hurt?? I think that Wall is good enough to play off of Rose. Its not like they can get any worse if they get the first pick. Also, who else is going to challenge Wall for the first pick?? Not Johnson, Bradly, or Monroe. Maybe Motiejunas if the Bulls like him. Come one man. Why did I waste my time with this post??

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Rebuilding Francise

If the Bulls got the #1 pick they'll only be able to trade it to a team willing to rebuild francise; examples: Wolves, Warriors, Bobcats, Memphis, NY, Philly, Pacers, Wiz and TO. These are the only teams I see willing to give up one of their main players for Wall because they have not really estiblish a legit PG.

Something I'll Love to see happen;

Bulls trade: 1st pick along with Deng and Noah
Wolves trade: Al Jeffereson, Sesseions/Rubio, and Brewer

I see Khan willing to do something like this, I don't think the wolves have a bright future in a Jefferson/Love front court.

Bulls benefit in a low post scorer in Jefferson which is what they are missing.
Rose, Hinrich, Salmons, Gibson, Jefferson, J. Johnson, Brewer, Sessions - Under Contract
Option: Bring back Miller,Gray, or Thomas and save some cap to draw D-wade back.

Wolves get young talent and can go with their dual back court in Flynn and Wall (6'4 PG able to play the 2, what they wanted to do with Rubio). They get a Wing in Deng and a true center in Noah along side Love.
Flynn, Deng, Noah, Love, Hollings, Gomes, Ellington - Under Contract
Draft - 1st pick Wall, 2nd pick either (PF- Favors, C - Cole Aldrige or Wing in; Johnson of Henry,)

I see the Wolves willing to make a lot of moves because they have assest they are willing to move with their flexibility.

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