Hassan Whiteside Marshall scouting report

Watched him play tonight vs. Carolina. A largely mixed bag. He is realllly long and a good jumper, so is a force on blocked shots and putbacks. NOOO jumper, bricked 2 shots very badly from within the three point line. He is a freshman, but is 21, so his complete lack of basketball skills is a concern. Definately an impact player, but foul prone, and not emotionally all there, so he is capable of taking himself out of games. He isn't in shape either, got absolutely abused running the floor by Zeller, Davis, and Thompson. 1 on 1, he guarded Davis pretty well. The tools are there, but he is no where near NBA ready and at 21, that means limited upside to me. He seems to have some emotional control issues, not sure where his head is at.

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Good report

His name has been coming more and more on these type of sites...I want to watch him play. Him and Charles Garcia

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He truly is a load to handle around the rim

Thin but doesn't play soft. Big potential, but again age seems like a big factor. Really limited skillset, but he is a good athlete and doesn't play soft. Carolinas bigs are all good and run hard rim to rim, he wasnt conditioned for that. He is the type that is a unique weapon when he is in, potential game changer, but for a multitude of reasons he is hard to keep on the floor. His frame can take some weight too, he will be very explosive by the rim if he works on his legs and core.

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