The Lakers after KOBE

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The Lakers after KOBE

Kobe is playing at very high level still, but he probably only has four or five more season at the most to be the man. If the Lakers keep the keys guys (mainly Bynum), and keep the team intact which young player or players should they target to keep the Laker show going?

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Wowzers...That's a Long

Wowzers...That's a Long Time. To me...Mayo is the Perfect Fit. I don't know why, but first we'd have to see if he could get to that Superstar Status.

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i woulnt say four or five at

i woulnt say four or five at the most with the shape he stays in...jordan averaged like 20 at 38 so im guessing kobe can do that. and bynum is still not in his prime plus the lakers reload. may have some middle of the pack years like after magic but then we will get some new player or some big free agent to coem because who doesnt wanna be a laker:)...sounds concieted but you gotta think about how every athlete wants to be a actor and get in movies or music and whats a better place to do that then l.a where all the stars and directors come to watch you play. plus you become a even bigger celeb by playing there

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lakers always manage to

lakers always manage to compete. even when kobe leaves they will get a new great player

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The Lakers franchise will

The Lakers franchise will never have a problem getting top tier talent. So many people will want to play for them. I can see an OJ Mayo, Perry Jones type player ending up there.

Not to mention they will have Andrew Bynum in his prime.

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The biggest thing

The Lakers need to acquire is a good pg that will take the handling off Kobe so that he isn't carrying the ball up every time that will take a lot of stress off him

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gonna get knocked on this but,

man, Lakers are a great franchise but sometimes their fans piss me off. You guys act like you deserve the best player on the planet and the best team year in and year out. How can you even be thinking about 5 years down the road! You have an awesome team right now with arguably the best player on the planet, Kobe Bryant! And you are talking about what you are going to do after him? I'd just be living in the moment right now because they can't always be the number 1 team in the league. Look at a few years back when they were almost a joke. Oj Mayo will most likely not go to LA because there just isn't enough money. A trade will not be the way he gets there...well unless Jerry West comes back to GM the Grizzlies and gift wraps him to the Lakers but thats not going to happen any time soon. Lakers will always have FA wanting to play there but a superstar will not take a paycut to play there.

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Good points by cp33

Good points by cp33 that is the main reason why I hate the lakers. The lakers fans they are so annoying I am originally from chicago and I moved to the west coast i had no opinion on the lakers until i moved out west the lakers fans make anyone who isnt a fan hate them with their over confidence and arrogance. They think that everyone wants to play for them and they can get any player they want its just annoying from the announcers to the fans just a team that I love to root against and see lose.

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