It's time

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It's time

It's time for the bashing of the kings, the grizzlies, and the clippers to end. Once in awhile, I see people post on here saying there's no excuse to lose to a team like ( 1 of the 3 listed above). It's disrespectful and comes off as an arrogant 12 year old who watches 1 game once in awhile...and has a favorite team.

currently, sacramento is better than 14 teams in the league, yet I read from last night and weeks ago that there is no way you should lose to this team and that if you do, you suck..... it's simply childish to state. sacramento has almost won just as many games this year as last year....and it's not even half way through the season. they have an amazing talent in evans....truely will be great...who also lead a team 35 down to win and achieving the second largest comeback in history.....

currently, the grizzlies and clippers are tied at 12-15....the grizzlies are better than 11 teams in the league right now by record. the clippers win the tie breaker and are better than 12 teams....and might I mention, blake griffin has yet to play a game.

So if you think making pointless jabs at teams that you "heard about" last year and never even watched them play this should probably think things through again.

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Yeah...The Grizz are just

Yeah...The Grizz are just making the SouthWest Division even tougher for my Rockets although I still think we should be able to beat them or Kings believe it or not. Kings beat us already, but we got them back. We played Clips and they stuck with us for about 42 Minutes and we play them again tonight. I still expect us to win though. The future looks good for all of these teams though

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Does this mean that the Nets

Does this mean that the Nets have to take all the bashing by themselves?

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[email protected]ter...naw pretty much

[email protected] pretty much anyone can get bashed...alot of times it comes from a fan making there team seem better then they are then someone comes back saying the team is worst then they are. i can understand for some teams whos expectations where high and were suppossed to (by fans and some nba people) to be lock for the playoffs but so far arent even close. basically as long as yo are losing and below 500 you have to expect and learn to deal with the critics. because no matter how u look at it below .500 isnt good or averge its bad. at the same time it isnt horrible so we cant go one way or the other as far as extreme. at this point each team are what there record says they are

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they are bashed for being

they are bashed for being bad because they almost always manage to underachieve, occasionally getting up to beat a good team but then losing to someone worse then them

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5 worst NBA teams:

5) Pacers-No athleticism, very weak scoring, this team doesn't have much other than danny granger
4) Knicks- A bunch of guys that want to score more than anything else, no team chemistry, unstable PG play
3) 76ers- Worst coached team in the NBA...a lot of underachievers, a lot of ball-hogs
2) Nets- Just ridiculously young and inexperienced, they need an inside defensive presence to pair with brook and solid 2 guard play
1) T-Wolves- No scoring, this team doesnt have 1 dependable wing scorer, they need to think scoring in the draft

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