Bulls piece!

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Bulls piece!

At the moment, I can't believe that this team has taken the reigns from New York Knicks as the most disgusted team. Chicago Bulls roster really have been disappointing to watch but it isn't all their fault - as I express why later. They've been home six straight games and still look mediocre. When Tyreke Evans takes your Small Forward integrity, in front of the home crowd, while capping a comeback with the 'Ben Gordon hop', then your outlook isn't respected. Just from that observation, I can tell you, Coach Vinny Del Negro won't be here long. How in the world do you let a 35 point lead slip? Derrick Rose is still the same player but with improvement on his mid-range jumper. His whole game predicates on being unselfish and getting others involved. He really defers when scoring is asked of him. Overall, nothing is wrong that approach if you have a prolific scorer alongside. At the end of the day, Rose will either pack it in or out - most likely out. I expect Rose to start taking over games and putting up huge statistical numbers. John Salmons is a player that I hope opts out at the end of this season. He should do it for his own good because he knows just as well as anybody, that he doesn't fit going forward. Salmons' skill-set really don't complement Rose, likewise Ben Gordon - whom really strokes it well as a spot-up shooter. Usually Salmons get the ball on a fast-break and make a head-scratching play. For example, in yesterday's Sacramento game, Salmons had Rose coming from the side on a three-man against two-man, he decided to turn the ball over by forcing the issue. Plays like that discourages effort players - I know Joakim was really pissed. Loul Deng was never a player I felt confident in because he knows his game isn't desirable. Essentially, Deng just shoots the ball from 17 feet and dribble with a awkward display. When you have a player like Loul Deng on a team without a vocal leader, most of the time he'll be self-conscious about his skills and it results in inconsistency. If he were traded to Cavs, for a expiring contract - not implying anything - Lebron James would make him very consistent. Having Deng's contract on the Bulls payroll, Rose expecting to get paid soon, Noah awaiting a huge deposit, it makes you wonder how can they go forward with overpaid complementarity congesting the salary cap. Management is to blame in this sequence, when you have Rose as your main player going forward, ask him if letting Ben Gordon leave is in [Rose's] best interest. I don't understand why letting Ben Gordon depart helps Rose. I can only imagine how losing can effect [Rose's] tender relationship with the actual game and its' business side. You can't temper with your franchise player career in that way. Name me one player, outside of Ben Gordon, that can replace [Gordon's] ability to shoot - a la Ray Allen and Michael Redd - while having a sense of clutch, too? You can't. It's easy to say Wade will come here but at the end of the day, it's always a option that resides in the Free Agent hands. To me, Bulls went from a confidence builder - Celtics and Bulls series - to potential Lottery alignment, all because Ben Gordon wasn't resign - it's just that simple.

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