Kobe and Michael

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Kobe and Michael

Kobe and mike game is so similar they dribble a like fade away like dunk alike fingeroll alike i thing kobe is more similar to jordan than any player u can think of more than lebron or wade. Who do yall think play like the greatest of all time?

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Coo video! Def. a lot of

Coo video! Def. a lot of similarities... Quite a few differences too.

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Kobe has all of Jordan moves

Kobe has all of Jordan moves pretty much but too me Wade is closer to the younger jordan while kobe is closer to the middle age Jordan.

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Kobe has tried his entire

Kobe has tried his entire career to be mj, watch an interview with kobe, he does the same manorisms.
Also i agree with Sheltwon with the wade to jordan comparison

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