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James Anderson

Why no love for this guy on the draft boards? He is averaging 22ppg and leading the Big 12 in scoring. Haven't seen him play too much so is there anything that is holding this guy back?
Oklahoma St. is also 10-1.

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The things holding him back

The things holding him back as a prospect is defense and ball-handling. They are both decent for a college player (well, his handle is), but he's not going to be a huge threat as a shot-creator in the nBA for the most part as he is right now. He is a nice shooter and I feel that he's one of the most underrated players in college hoops, but to be his best he has to improve his handle. Right now he's essentially another Anthony Morrow.

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hes not leading the big 12

hes not leading the big 12 in scoring because they havnt played a big12 game yet. ..right now no one is leading the leauge in scoring. but he is a good player that i see getting a shot in the nba

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