2009 Draft

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2009 Draft

Can we go head and say that about half of us were wrong about this 2009 draft?? I mean, I remember everyone saying that it was super weak after Griffin. There were a few people that said that Jennings would be special but after that, not many people were hyped about any of the other players. Lets look at what we have seen out of this draft so far:

Blake Griffin - Very productive this summer. Showed promise to challenge for an allstar spot this year.
Hasheem Thabeet - After a rough start, the big guy has started to log some minutes. Disappointing but he will be okay.
James Harden - Great role player for a rising team.
Tyreke Evans - Has been mentioned in the MVP Top 10 by Yahoo! sports and seems to be a front runner a spot on the allstar roster.
Jonny Flynn - Running the show for a young team. Looks to be the PG of the future for the Wolves.
Steph Curry - Good scorer and pretty good PG for the Warriors.
Demarr Derozen - A starter for the Raptors and has shown flashes of being special.
Brandon Jennings - Just like Reke, mentioned as a Top 10 MVP candidate and looking for allstar game this year.
Terence Williams - Shown flashes of being special and is the 6th or 7th man on the Nets.
Tyler Hansbrough - Like many others, great role player and shown flashes of being special.
Austin Daye - Looking to take lots of minutes from Prince on the return. Looks like a slender Lamar Odom

That was the notable players out of the Lottery. Here are some more people that deserve a mention.

Jrue Holiday - Starter/Role Player
Ty Lawson - Big minutes on great team.
Jeff Teague - Big minutes on great team.
Eric Maynor - Big minutes on great team.
Darren Collison - Big minutes behind great PG.
Omri Casspi - Starter on young team.
Rodrique Beaubios - Big minutes on great team.
Taj Gibson - Starter on young team.
DeMarre Carrol - Big minutes on young team.
Wayne Ellington - Role Player
Toney Douglas - Role Player

Out of the 30 players drafted in the first round, 7 are starters, 14 are valuable role players, 3 are over seas, 5 have struggled to see playing time, and The One has been hurt.

Notable players in the Second Round.

Sam Young - Big Minutes on young team.
DeJuan Blair - Big Minutes on great team.
Jonas Jerebko - Starter on good, young team.
Marcus Thornton - Good player on young team.
Chase Budinger - Starter/Role Player

After reading all of this, please read this last little bit. After less than 1/2 the season, we have see 26 serviceable player come out of this draft. 26/60 = 43% That means that 43% of the players drafted this year have been helping their teams. This goes without mentioning the domination of Jennings and Evans. Plus, we have yet to see what Griffin can do. I havent looked a the stats from past drafts but I feel confident in saying that very few drafts have 2 rookies mentioned as MVP candidates without the number one pick seeing the floor. This draft looks to deserve to be mentioned along the lines of the 2003 draft.

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"This draft looks to

"This draft looks to deserve to be mentioned along the lines of the 2003 draft."

I agreed with everything until you said that thing right there....

Also Beaubois is not getting minutes right now but the Mavs are super high on him, and I believe he will be one of the best players to come out of this draft.

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Taj Gibson is looking like a

Taj Gibson is looking like a player from the 1998 Bulls roster. The dude brings it every night. I must admit, I doubted him in the beginning.

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actually i was only wrong

actually i was only wrong about one thing and thats the t.evans..everyone els ei pretty much have been on point on and the others i wont know till years down the road. theres alot of people who thought curry ,jennings and tyler would do worst and blair derozen, and daye would do better

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Rodrique was starting for

Rodrique was starting for them at one time. What happened for him to get benched??

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I don't think

I don't think this draft will be mentioned along the 1984, 1996 and 2003 draft class... I still think 2008 will be there and is a bit stronger than this draft class... But as far as saying 2009 is weak is dead-wrong... I think I even said it too...

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