5 trades that could happen before the deadline

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Some of these are a joke. The Warriors one will never happen. The dubs already reportedly said no to taking JJ and they want to package Maggs and AR + expirings for a Bosh or Amare. Also I ruled it out as ignorant when he said Maggs is a good jump shooter, people at orcale actually boo him when he shoots a jumper it's that bad! Utah would demand ALOT more for Boozer since he is playing so well. Houston probably wont want to get rid of Landry for expirings since there in a win now mode.

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I would really like to see

I would really like to see Nate to the Pacers, but would Knicks be willing to take on a two year contract?

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another trade that i think

another trade that i think would be pretty good is the bulls trading for kevin martin. there has been talk about trading martin due to evans play. plus i think tyrus is unhappy. they could trade tyrus and deng for martin and hawes. the bulls would get a scorer and a low post scorer. the kings would get small forward which they need and tyrus could compliment jason thompson nicely imo

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These trades seem very unlikely. The T-Mac the most ridiculous bc right now the knicks are competing for a playoff spot and will be throughout the season.

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i really like the nate for

i really like the nate for ford trade. im not sure how many years are left on TJ Ford but hes a quality PG and fits dantonis system perfectly. boozer to the magic would be sick in theory, but who knows if it would work out. i really dont see any of these trades being made though :(

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half these trades are

half these trades are bull........chris bosh and the raptors are in playoff contention despite how bad they are doing yess they are the 7th seed . Toronto shows some glimpses of greatness, but just doesn't go out day in day out.....but i doubt bosh will be traded. I doubt he will leave toronto

Mcgrady trade is outrageous and pretty stupid. Why trade 2 stars on your team for an unproven injured mcgrady and an undersized bigman

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With Nocioni and Casspi, Why would the Kings need Deng .. who has a fractured thumb ....Granted they need another C/PF 7 footer but isn't Tyrus contract about to expire ?

Sac wont be in the free agent Market next year even with cap space, to many players will only want to go to those (certain) franchises.

I just can't see the kings going for another expiring contract when they already have KThomas expiring to play with.

Noc and Omri are SF/PF ... used Mostly at the SF.

Bulls want a 17 win team? add Martin Hawes back with Miller and Salmons ... you would be the Sac Kings before All Star Break of 08...

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1. Tyrus thomas and James

1. Tyrus thomas and James Johnson as potential allstars? also money doesn't fit so bull would have to throw in more.
2. the nate for tj ford trade isn't terrible but won't happen, nate doesn't fit in with the pacers system
3. the boozer trade is laughable, the jazz have a better version of brandon bass in paul millsap
4. the gsw cavs trade is lopsided to say the least but i would love it to happen (cavs fan)
5. why give up al harrington who is an expiring contract who is playing great for another expiring contract that is barely playing?

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i dont see tyrus and deng

i dont see tyrus and deng for martin and hawes because tyrus cant play center and they already have thompson as there future pf. plus they seem to liek casspi and still have francesco. utah is not gonna get true market value for boozer and im sure they know that. and no team is gonna give away real good players for him knowing that he would only be there for a half a season then he leaves and that leaves the team in worst position then they were before they traded for him. utah is either gonna get barley anything for him for just keep him and let him walk for free. i wonder if golden state would trade morrow for boozer( and some) other player to make the salaries match up.. then again they also wanna get rid of boozers contract so who ever they get would have to be in there last year of there contract because utah is already over the cap

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