east playoffs

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east playoffs

who do u guys think are ganna make the 5 thru 8 seeds?
i have miami, toronto,washington, and either bucks or new york in no order

miami will make it because they wade can carry the team when needed but supporting cast is getting alot better with a more hungrier chalmers and beasley

toronto and washington will make it because they have so much talent. they will find their chemistry and cruise.

the last spot i think will be very close i think jenning's play will go down tremendously and the bucks will fall with him

i like knicks making push they r playing well as of late but mostly biased

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Miami and Miwaukee should

Miami and Miwaukee should definitely make it barring injuries. Toronto has a shot and whichever team maybe Chi town that pulls off a trade to get better remember it happened last year they made a trade and it pushed them into playoffs where they pushed Boston to the limit. Washington if they make a good trade could make it but i doubt it. Knicks look promising but I am still not sold on them yet they have a lot of hurdles to overcome. It depends on if they make another trade that damages chemistry.

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