Wallace calls out Bobcats teammates?

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Wallace calls out Bobcats teammates?

It's peer-pressure time for the Charlotte Bobcats. Gerald Wallace and Stephen Jackson took a cue from their coach following Saturday's 110-102 loss to the Utah Jazz. Larry Brown had just said there are too many Bobcats with lacking effort. So Wallace and Jackson filled in the blanks. "The 4 and the 5 (Boris Diaw and Tyson Chandler) got eight rebounds," Wallace detailed. "Individually, we're not taking pride in defensive assignments. We're not taking pride in helping teammates. So is there a solution to this? "Can you fix somebody's heart?" Wallace replied. "That's a personal thing."

Charlotte Observer

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Tyson Chandler is terrible

Tyson Chandler is terrible this season. Diaw has always just been average to me but his play has gone down some this season.  Charlotte needs to trade one of those two. They probably can't get much value in return though. 

I guess Larry Brown didn't really like Okafor but he is quite a bit better than Chandler.

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It's about time Wallace said

It's about time Wallace said something about Chandler. That guy is playing like booty butt cheeks. 7 points a game and 7 rebounds a game is unacceptable for a guy with his size, athleticism and experience. His shot-blocking, or lack thereof, is even worse.

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Chandler Responds:

Interesting, but Wallace is right....your Center and Power Forward positions, shouldnt be combining for 8 rebounds....thats truly just sad, no wonder hes rebounding so much...he has to take on that load, im sure they miss Okafor....and it looks like New Orleans might miss Chandler aswell

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When a 6'8" small forward is

When a 6'8" small forward is leading not only your team but is 3rd in the nba as a big man you should be ashamed. At least Okafor rebounded. You can't really expect Diaw to rebound, thats just not who he is.

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diaw and chandlr

diaw and chandler could quite possibly be the saddest excuse for a frountcourt pair in the NBA (next to mikki moore and vladimir radmanovic ofcourse)

those 2 are so measly and pathetic i cant stand either. tyson plays with 50% energy, boris is passive and not that talented to say the least...he could be a 7 and 4 type guy off the bench but in my mind hes no starter

charlotte could use a patrick patterson, a tough inside defensive-minded and rebounding hound

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