Mini resurgance?

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Mini resurgance?

Is Derrick Rose starting to get off his injury and become who we all thought he would be this year? Last 6 games he has gotten 21.6 points 4 boards and over 6 assists per game while shooting the alright percentage of above 45% plus turning the ball over less. I'm thinking he is just finally getting healthy.

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yup, wassup?

His 32-point outburst against the Hawks showed signs that his ankle is getting better... I don't know if it's completely healed though... BTW, Luol Deng as of this time had 14 points in 7/7 from the field... That's freakin sick... The Bulls are having an awesome start against the Kings in town...LOL

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Derrick Rose is totally

Derrick Rose is totally back, I think. The way he is playing now makes everyone who said anything about him early on seem stupid.

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don't get me wrong i thought

don't get me wrong i thought Rose would be good but i never thought he would get to be a superstar like many others think. If he is your go to guy you better have a good 2nd option

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