John Wall...

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John Wall...

Words can't describe this Kid...Man, this guy is freaking amazing! Okay...I'm a Believer in this kid now. I'm not saying I hated him at first, but I didn't really see him play. Now I've watched a few Kentucky Games and I see what all the talk is about. Dude just went coast to coast, behind the back layup, then before the half split to double team for a smooth finger roll...among plenty of other good plays. He attacks to basket too...Watching this game is so entertaining.

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just throwin this out

just throwin this out there... kinda random.. does anybody thing armon johnson looks exactly like eric snow?

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Looks like Eric Snow and plays like Ramon Sessions...

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yeah i thought he looked

yeah i thought he looked like eric snow.
John Wall has all the things someone needs to be an allstar.

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