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yes im a laker fan but you have to marvel at this guy..first he plays with a torn ligament and now playing with a broken finger on his shooting hand. i mean damn what do teams have to do to stop him?..cut off one or 2 of his fingers? and if that happened would it really suprise people that he still drops a good 30 on a team? mean think abou tthat would you really be suprised? no matter if you love him or hate him you have to respect his game. and not matter if you think he's not as good as the great mj you have to admit there is no one as close as this guy is. he truely has no real weakness and he cant be checked. yeah battier and jones play good d and make him work but he still gets buckets against him ( like if you say a boxer made tyson work and got pushed him to the second round in the end tyson still knocked him out just took longer and more effort)

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I have never been a fan of

I have never been a fan of Kobe but the man is amazing. hen he is done a Top 10 player of All-Time maybe even Top 5.

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He is Michael

He is Michael Jordan....Enjoy watching him play, when hes gone we will miss his awesomeness

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Kobe Bryant is my favorite

Kobe Bryant is my favorite player in the NBA. I look to him as a stepping stool as a player and inspiration as well. His hard work, dedication and talent are what makes him the player he is today. He is a phenomenal player and currently the best player in the NBA. I have the utmost respect for him and wish him all the luck this season as I watch him try to repeat for the Title.

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you guys know how i feel

you guys know how i feel about kobe, but even people who don't like him or don't think he is on Jordan's level or even top 5, you have to admit that his work ethic and commitment to the game is something to be admired. The guy will be missed one day whether you realize it or not.

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i will NOT miss kobe.. i

i will NOT miss kobe.. i HATED losing to him and timmy d every year in the playoffs....... (pistons btw)

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Kobe is my favorite player,

Kobe is my favorite player, and I always wondered why people hated on him so bad. Kobe puts in the hard work, and demands that everybody around him give 100% too. That's why I wasn't mad when him and shaq had beef, because shaq was out of shape and why should kobe hold back his game because they have shaq? I'm just glad he got one without shaq, so people could stop hating. But nobody can say he didn't bring it every night. (unless he was trying not to shot, because people were calling him a ball hog). number six all time for sure.

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Kobe is my favorite player

Kobe is my favorite player and this guy is great and since jordan has retired kobe has been the best player and he has been doing in it dominating fashion this guy score 42 with a broken finger on his shooting and then came back and scored 32 the next game this guy is great and he is always gettin hate on his work ethic is off the charts he still is the best player in the league at 31 and he can fo for years to comeand the lakers are goin to win a get this year like it or not and kobe is the clostest thing you will ever see to jordan's game.

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well i'm not going to

well i'm not going to comment on "best player" because i'm a lebron fan and you can't change my mind i can't change yours but isn't if curiose how Kobe "hurts" his finger every year.

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