Patrick Beverly

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Patrick Beverly

The discussion of players going overseas reminded me of Patrick Beverley. I was always a fan of his game, and I looked how he was doing on Draftexpress. This season of Euro ball he is averaging 6.3 points 4.5 rbs 3 assits and 1.2 steals in 19 min. Those are pretty good numbers for Europe. I think he is going to be a legit pg in the NBA next season, I just wish he wasn't playing for a team with a lot of pgs in Miami, but I feel Beverley could push Chalmers and Arroyo for the starting spot next season in a very competitive battle for the spot.

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I used to LOVE Beverley's

I used to LOVE Beverley's game at Arkansas...he reminded me alot of Daniel Gibson, with better defense. He's a decent shooter and scorer at PG, and he defends very well and even led Arkansas in rebounding one year I believe. He should definitely have a spot in the NBA at some point in time.

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Miami isn't in love with

Miami isn't in love with chalmers for some reason, they took away his starting spot. from what i've seen Beverley is good but if i put a high light reel of me on youtube i would look good to.

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