Tyreke Evans vs Ricky Rubio now

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Tyreke Evans vs Ricky Rubio now

I remember people saying it was a mistake for SAC to go with Tyreke at the 4th pick over Rubio from Spain, and Rubio's slipping to 5 is essentially why he is still playing in Europe. I thought the Kings did the right thing by going with a guy who was NBA ready and the NCAA Freshman of the year, but I was in the minority. Do people feel any different now?

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I was always skeptical about

I was always skeptical about Rubio. Coming into the draft, there were alot of question marks about his athleticism, shooting ability, finishing ability and lateral quickness. Tyreke had questions about his position, shooting ability and leaping ability, but not about his strength and quickness. I've always loved Tyreke's game, and I think that the Kings did the right thing by drafting him over Rubio. With the T-Wolves signing Sessions to a multi-year deal and Flynn improving every single game, I highly doubt that Rubio will ever even play for the T-Wolves. Dude's a baby and an idiot. If you're a projected top-8 pick, then chances are you're going to one of the teams in the top 8 (DUR). Be prepared to play for a team that, oh I don't know, isn't that good or doesn't have a big market. Jennings gets drafted by the Bucks, and he doesn't say a word. Same with Evans. Rubio should've gone to the T-Wolves and tried to establish his own legacy (hard to do with Flynn, but still).

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