Dirk vs Gasol

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Dirk vs Gasol

I think Gasol and Dirk are probably the most talented big men in the game today. I believe both are top 10 players in the NBA but with very different games. Dirk is one of the most unique players to ever step on to a court and Gasols skill set in simply amazing for a player of his size. Who would you choose and why?

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dude no contest Dirk all the

dude no contest Dirk all the way. Imagine if Dirk was on the Lakers with all their skilled players. No contest. The one thing Pau is better at is rebounding but his stats are inflated because Pau plays in the triangle down in the post a lot, Dirk often plays the role of a shooting guard--yet still gets 8-9 rebounds a game. Overall, step back and think about it, Dirk is better.

Pau is good but Dirk is on another level.

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your completely underrating

your completely underrating gasol. his skill set is crazy. im the summer when he plays with spain he is the best player in the world.

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i cant decide what position he plays...tim duncan

anyways...IMO dirks the best PF in the game ahead of great players like bosh, duncan, and gasol. He can shoot from anywhere on the court, is a solid leader, takes it to the basket, rebounds pretty solidly and can win despite not having a whole lot around him when howard was hurt

my ratings:

1. Dirk
2. Gasol
3. Bosh
4. Dwight
5. Duncan

6-10 would be KG, yao ming, boozer, amare, brook lopez

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in the gold metal game, it

in the gold metal game, it was the guards, juan carlos navaro and ricky rubio, keeping the game close not gasol.
Dirk is far better, as you said gasol gets more rebounds but those numbers are out of proportion

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They're both extremely

They're both extremely skilled, but are two different players. Pau is more skilled around the basket, while Dirk is more skilled on the perimeter.

If I had to choose, I'd choose Dirk. He impacts the game more offensively. They're both special and unique players though.

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Pau Gasol may be the better

Pau Gasol may be the better big man but Dirk is a mismatch nightmare and has a skill set that totally changes how a team would have to defend you. I would take Dirk but it is tough because Gasol is better inside and a better passer and his defense is better. Dirk is the better perimeter player though but Gasol is nice from 18 foot and in so it is tough

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dirk gasol

They are 7 feet tall and born in europe, that is the only thing they have in common. They play completely different. Gasol's style is closer to Tim Duncan

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but all of has

But all of has have to admit that we both APPRECIATE this two guys who define what a skilled big man should be... Dirk has always been special but so does Pau... Pau has gotten better because he is alongside Kobe.... Dirk is still the guy in Dallas and is searching for a title... Dirk has the better touch in terms of offense and he should be the obvious pick but then again, you can never count out Pau and his array of skills on the post...

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Depends on the team i had,

Depends on the team i had, Pau is better around the basket while dirk can spread the floor. if a gun is to my head i'd pick dirk, because if force too he can play inside. Pau isn't a real threat on the perimeter.

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Dirk is a number one scoring threat and a first ballot hof. Gasol is not really either at this point, but he could be.. Dirk is better hands down right now though.

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id say dirk but you're wrong

id say dirk but you're wrong about youre point gcb3. gasol was a good rebounder when he was with memphis and they didnt run the triangle offense. paul is just a good rebounder reguardless of what offense he plays in

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I would take Dirk he won an MVP and he led his team to the finals as the focal point of their offense. He has the better overall game he can dribble, shoot from anywhere and he rebounds pretty well but they are both great players.

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