Jarvis Varnado

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Jarvis Varnado

Is from Mississippi State, A big man at 6-9. Needs a little more weight if he wants to play the Power Forward spot in the NBA. Averages 14pts,10rebs, 5.3 blocks a game. He can go in the mid- to late 1st round.

Teams that need him are,
any more?

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back to the topic jarvis

back to the topic jarvis varnado, with more weight, could be a defensive force.

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I believe he can be got in

I believe he can be got in the late 1st or early 2nd round...

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I like Jarvis alot, guys

I like Jarvis alot, guys talk about John Wall, Derrick Rose and how they have an opportunity to revolutionize the game, I think Varnado can change the game in his own right, a fearless, tenacious, shot blocker, hes a defensive guru

You dont draft a guy like Varnado to be your franchise player, im not saying that...but every team wants a Jarvis Varnado sitting on there bench...and im hoping he falls into the Knicks lap with one of there 2nd round picks

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Jarvis Varnado = Theo Ratliff

Jarvis Varnado = Theo Ratliff

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billyk if that is true than

billyk if that is true than he will be top 15 player because if not for a few injuries Ratliff was a beast in how he controlled the paint and he had slightly below average offensive game with a few nice post moves.

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Steal of the draft will be a

Steal of the draft will be a very solid player in the league and will change games with big blocks rebounds altering shots put backs reminds me of noah just a smaller!
I think the question is will teams be patient with him and let him devolop into the type of player

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