Whut we see may not be whut we git wit Wesley Johnson

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Whut we see may not be whut we git wit Wesley Johnson

Johnson has played well this season..The Iowa State transfer has Syracuse number 2 in the nation...some scouting service and fans have him as high as the 3rd best pro prospect....Nba gms arent so high on him..When asked about Johnson's potential ..1 western conference gm said ''Johnson's a great talent..but if i want to keep my job..i wouldnt take him top 3..he's not a safe pick..doesnt have much upside..Top 10 maybe..but not top 3..The scout said Johnson reminds him of Donyell Marshall..A great college player who never reached his potential in the pros.....most scouts see Wesley Johnson at worst as a Demarr Johnson type or at best another Danny Granger who last season was an allstar..But as we know scouts sometimes get it wrong..They said Wade was too small to play shooting guard and wasnt a good shooter or ball handler..They said Boozer wasnt a great athlete..He's a 2 time allstar..Scouts got it wrong about Gilbert Arenas he's an allstar ..they were wrong about Brad Miller who went undrafted

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I could see him being a more athletic Danny Granger

But he will be well worth a top 5 pick.

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If he doesn't take games

If he doesn't take games over in the Big East like he should he won't go any higher than 8, Turner has much more potential, but after the injury I don't see him coming into this year's draft. I bet at least three teams trade out of the Top 5 this year, after Wall and Favors it's a complete crapshoot. What's funny, is not only is that becoming more clear now, but that it will become much more evident once league play starts. I'm not big on Henry either, he just looks too slow, I know he's strong, but his first step is less than average. I still like Ed Davis' potential, but his lack of strength is really evident, especially in today's game against Texas and Dexter Pittman, does he really have the body type to put on much more muscle though without hindering his quickness and athleticism? Would a team really take Donatas at #3? ESPN doesn't even have him rated in the Top Ten, yeah, I know, it's Chad Ford, but who else would have more access to actual NBA Scouts and GMs better than ESPN? NBADRAFT.NET? Yeah right, I bet has more access to scouts and gms, you can tell that by all the erroneous claims this site makes about prospects that no other site would make.

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Your last 2 sentences were very well thought out. Thanks a lot for giving us your opinion.

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i dont think this site has

i dont think this site has alot of access if any real access. i do know has alot of access with players and coaches. 2 of the writers work out players down here in florida at img academies. no one knows how good wesley is gonna be and just like all picks there will be some sort of gamble. i dont think he has to take over games (scoring wise) to prove how good he is if his team is winning.

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