Corey Maggette on the move?

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Corey Maggette on the move?

I saw an article on hoopshype via espn that Maggette might be on the move.

Golden State's Anthony Randolph is indeed available via trade, as numerous reports suggested this week, but NBA front-office sources indicate that the Warriors are trying much harder to move Corey Maggette.

What do you all think? Where do you think he would fit well? Let me know what you guys think!

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I'm not surprised they're

I'm not surprised they're trying to move Maggette lol. His contract is one of the worst in the league. After this season, he still has 3 years and over $30 million left. I doubt any GM pulls the trigger on a deal involving him.

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noone is going to take on

noone is going to take on his contract. he is a one dimensional player that would really just be a cancer on another team.

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He wont be traded now

In the offseason he will,all our injuries force us to keep a guy like him but in the offseason I can see a Maggs for Mo Pete swap.

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New Orleans is the one team

New Orleans is the one team that could probably use him since he does get to the line a lot. We have some contract on our team that suck worst.

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i hope cleveland jumps on

i hope cleveland jumps on this, we need another slasher and have always liked magette's game

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