David Stern

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David Stern

Did I just hear this right on Television?

I'm watching the Net's get destroyed by the Raptors tonight and heard that David Stern will "Entertain" the thought of a female athlete within his league?. Hear me out on this, but what the &$#%#[email protected]! is he thinking?

Imagine Candace Parker getting an elbow to the face from Ron Artest. I'm pretty sure she's not getting up without medical assistance.

This isn't Nascar David Stern where you have a steel frame protecting you from 200mph speeds. This is a league where players physically and mentally destroy each other.

If you think Woman can play in a game where protection is the least of anyone's concerns then by all means say your the man that accomplished the impossible and destroyed a game such as Basketball within the confines of your own stupidity.

I am not a David Stern fanatic at all I think he's destroyed this game we all love by adding rules to diminish the sports existence. Can any Stern fan out there back this guy for me? I think he's lost it.

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yeah, someone mentioned this

yeah, someone mentioned this earlier on here and the unanimous opinion around here is that Stern is smoking crack. Women's elite players would have touble getting pt in a mens college program, and that's being nice.

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