Syracuse fans please stand up

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Syracuse fans please stand up

As a die-hard Syracuse (and Denver Nuggets) fan, it's our time....Stand up!!!! We haven't been here in six almost seven years. This is our season to once again possibly win another nation title. Only Kansas stands in the way and BOY are they good. But the last time we played them (the national championship) we previled. We lost Devendorf from a few other guys from last season......And we're better!!! Huh? Yeah, some things never make sense but I'm riding the wave. Enjoy the excitement. Root for the team. Support the team. Wesley Johnson (AKA little Shawn Marion) is looking incredible. As is Rautins, Jackson, basically the whole team.

Dhamp2...the greatest basketball mind in the world. Next to Hubie Brown anyway.

I brought Wesley Jonhson (AKA little Shawn Marion) to the website and dubbed him a top 10 pick.
Bring back Jason Hart and Sherman Douglas.
Anyone seen Ron Seiklay's 20-something year-old wife???

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No doubt

As a lifelong cuse fan I can honestly say with no bias, this team is legit, were playing great team D, we got the inside game, the outside game, and one hell of a bench, barring any injuries or anything of that sort this team is a final four team NO DOUBT. Because as Dhamp said, other then MAYBE kansas, theres not a team in the country that can hang with us, were just too good defensively. So if theres anybody out there that wants to jump on the bandwagon now I suggest you do so, cuz when January comes around we dont want you. SYRACUSE 09-10 NATIONAL CHAMPS!!!!!

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