jarvis varnado

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jarvis varnado

jarvis varnado is a incredible player i look him in many games and he always impressed me. in ten matches he has 14.3 points 67.5 fg 10.1 reb and it is great 5.2 blocks after he has 5 time double double and 5games with 5+ blocks for me he is a good and powerful player and remeber me kevin perkins infact he dominates the paint and can do important plays in the floor he for me will be a great pick and he will draft in the first twenty picks comments about this guy and where will u draft?

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most underrated player in

most underrated player in the draft IMO

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he is good but people are

he is good but people are going to sleep on him because he is skinny unfortunataly for him.

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I think he'll be a Theo

I think he'll be a Theo Ratliff or Marcus Camby type...I don't know where he'd land, but late 1st or early 2nd seems reasonable.

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I hope he slips right into

I hope he slips right into the Knicks lap in the the mid-second round(doubt it), but hes one of those players who fights hard every night, and can supply you with some blocks, not an all-star, but every team would love to have a Jarvis Varnado sitting on there bench

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