Finally Bayless

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Finally Bayless

29 pts in 29 mins talk about production. He was clutch in the 4th quarter as well. Does this mean hes not gotta spot in the rotation and what happens when everyone gets healthy again

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he made his name tonight.

he made his name tonight. Now he needs to repeat it or at leaast close. If he does that, then the blazers have no excuse for not getting him consistent pt.

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The injuries maybe a blessing in disguise for the Blazers. Bayless is a player who could become not a star anytime soon but could be someone who is up and coming and people will pay attention too. Other people who I think are upcomers but need some time are:
Eric Gordon

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i'm happy he did good but i

i'm happy he did good but i don't think this is going to get him regular playing time, he simply doesn't fit into their slow offence.
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Given the right amount of

Given the right amount of playing time bayless can do this on a daily basis but porrtland think blake is the best guard there Bayless can score like he showed last night and he had 4 assist.

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Brandon Roy

Roy is my second favorite player in the league and the Blazers are my second favorite team but I almost gave up on them after the Miller signing. Bayless has got to be given playing time if they want him to succeed for them. He has shown a lot of maturity putting up with being slapped in the face by McMillan over and over. Maybe coach is trying to teach him humility idk.

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He's as gifted a scorer as

He's as gifted a scorer as they come, even though he's "fun-sized" for a SG..He's not a true PG, and with Roy at the SG he's not gotten much time. He's showed though same scoring skills in the last few games, even though he's not a real fit in the long run because of his lack of PG skills.

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Blazers really don't need a

Blazers really don't need a point guard because Roy needs the ball in his hands to be effective so basically he is the point guard. Therefore putting Bayless in the lineup would still make Roy effective since Bayless can make plays without the ball. I think Bayless can be the scorer the Blazers are looking for to help out Roy and Aldridge.

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