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all credit to youtube and the user who posted it.

The things you find on youtube...crazy..

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well let's see: the mike

well let's see:

the mike miller one Mike laid kobe out with an elbow a minute earlier and that was a very intentional retaliation elbow by kobe and he was suspended 2 games.

He was also suspended for the Marko Jaric one as well.

The Raja Bell one and Wade one were both obvious accidents.

The Manu one was probably dirty, can't defend him on that.

the rest of that was just scuffles over hard basketball which will happen when you play for 14 years. Kobe is well respected by most opponents as a tough and competitive player who doesn't back down. Things happen on the court sometimes.

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it happens, some people are

it happens, some people are just more aggesive and don't realize that they are swinging their elbows, on some of these though Kobe was just doing it on purpose.

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